Spellerberg Projects

En Masse, ICOSA Collective group exhibition

Sep 3 2021 – Ongoing

Opening Reception Friday, September 3, 7–10pm.
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ICOSA Collective and Spellerberg Projects are pleased to announce En Masse, a group exhibition featuring the ICOSA Collective at Spellerberg Projects Masur Gallery.

En Masse includes the work of ICOSA’s current members and interns. The exhibition takes full advantage of the grand space and opulent backdrop of the Masur Gallery. Presented works span mediums of painting, printmaking, installation, sculpture, and video. The artists explore scale and texture and play with the context of contemporary work in a historical setting. 

About ICOSA Collective

ICOSA was formed in 2015 by a group of fourteen like-minded artists who came together to transform what was an old automotive shop on Shady Lane into an exhibition space for the East Austin Studio Tour. Afterward expanding the group to 20 members, ICOSA continued to produce monthly exhibitions & collaborative ventures. After being displaced from its original location, ICOSA moved to the Canopy complex, where it continues to produce monthly exhibitions and stands as a venue for exchanging ideas and fostering the arts community in Austin.  Since its inception, the collective has worked with over 300 artists & curators outside of its member artist group. ICOSA has hosted exchanges and collaborations with other artist collectives and arts organizations and has worked to help create a place for contemporary art in Austin.

Presented in collaboration with the ICOSA Collective as part of our Fall 2021 partnership.


Photo by Laurel Coyle

Alejandra Gonzalez Zertuche, De Aquí y De Allá (From Here and There)

Dec 3 – 28 2021

Opening Reception Friday, December 3, 6–9pm.
For gallery hours and visit info, click here.

ICOSA Collective and Spellerberg Projects are pleased to announce De Aquí y De Allá (From Here and There) by Alejandra Gonzalez Zertuche at Spellerberg Projects Main St. Gallery in Lockhart, TX.

De Aquí y De Allá (From Here and There) is an ongoing series of paintings that center on the Mexican experience in the United States. It depicts the scenes of hardship and resilience that are typical in both the banal and dangerous settings that are experienced by the people in my community and myself. Drawing from personal memories and family stories, my paintings recall the journey many have taken crossing the Rio Grande and their life after arriving in a new land. These scenes are larger-than-life to contemplate the magnitude of the issues that are experienced by generations of migrants in the United States. I narrate the identity of being “de aquí y de allá” (from here and there) a blend of Mexican heritage in northern soil, and not “ni de aquí ni de allá” (neither from here nor there). An expression that has often been used to describe a feeling of uprootedness and of not belonging anywhere. I create a conscious remark and utilize this work to report my visual testimony about transformation, hope, and survival in the United States.

De Aquí y De Allá es una serie continua de pinturas que se centra en la experiencia mexicana en los Estados Unidos. Representa las escenas de dificultad y resistencia que son típicas tanto en los entornos banales como peligrosos que experimentamos la gente de mi comunidad y yo. A partir de recuerdos personales e historias familiares, mis pinturas recuerdan el viaje que muchos han hecho al cruzar el Río Grande y su vida después de llegar a una nueva tierra. Estas escenas parecen ser más grandes que en vida para contemplar la magnitud de los problemas que viven generaciones de migrantes en los Estados Unidos. Narro la identidad de ser “de aquí y de allá”, una mezcla de herencia mexicana en la tierra del norte, y no de “ni de aquí ni de allá. Una expresión que se ha utilizado a menudo para describir un sentimiento de desarraigo y de no pertenecer a ningún lado. Creo un comentario consciente y utilizo este trabajo para informar mi testimonio visual sobre la transformación, la esperanza y la supervivencia en los Estados Unidos.

About the Artist

Alejandra Gonzalez Zertuche (b. 1997 in Coahuila, Mx.) immigrated to Texas and has since resided in central Texas. Alejandra is a figurative painter who draws inspiration from her Mexican heritage and familial stories. Her work is part of the Texas State University permanent collection and was a part of the Student Juried Exhibition show (2021). Alejandra is currently a student at Texas State University and is expected to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the spring of 2022.

Alejandra González Zertuche (n. 1997 en Coahuila, Mx.) Emigró a Texas y ha desde entonces residía en el centro de Texas. Alejandra es una pintora figurativa que se inspirade su herencia mexicana e historias familiares. Su trabajo es parte de la. Colección permanente de Texas State University y fue parte de la exposición de estudiantes jurados (2021). Alejandra es actualmente estudiante en Texas State University y se espera graduar con una Licenciatura en Bellas Artes en la primavera del 2022

Presented in collaboration with the ICOSA Collective as part of our Fall 2021 partnership.


Bajo el Sol en Septiembre (Under the Sun in September)
Oil on Canvas 
30” x 40”

First-Year Work From TXST Expanded Media, Like and Subscribe

Dec 3 2021

Screening Friday, December 3, 8pm.
For gallery hours and visit info, click here.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
For being asocial on social media, that is.
But also for being social around the warm glow of a projector beam.
With us!

Come celebrate the “reason” for the “season” (and by that, we mean “video art” and “winter break”) with a bunch of promising young artists from the Expanded Media Program in the School of Art and Design at Texas State University.

Come to the exhibition opening at our Main Street location beginning at 6pm. Then head over to the Masur Gallery at 8pm and settle in for the show.

See you there! (Put yer phone down!)

Presented in collaboration with Experimental Response Cinema.

Experimental Response Cinema