Spellerberg Projects

On June 17, 2023, the vibrant colors of diversity and celebration were in full bloom at Luna Gardens as the Lockhart Pride Fest took place.

Spellerberg Projects, a stalwart supporter of the arts and equality, proudly sponsored the event. Expressing our commitment to bringing forth underrepresented voices, we harnessed the power of art as an instrument for social change.

This year, we set up a display featuring the work of artists Andrea Wallace and Sam Thompson, adapted from Drag Nest, their previous installation at the Masur Gallery. Wallace and Thompson’s work is a bold exploration of queer culture, conveying its audacious glamour but also its inherent defiance and resilience.

ICOSA Collective Gallery
916 Springdale Rd, Bldg 2, #102, Austin TX

Routine and structure, and the demolition of these well intentioned ideals.

Energy cannot be contained; it can only be converted into other forms of energy. Discarded household objects, old paintings from college, and paper with sensitive information make up the majority of materials used in the work of Hollie Brown and Jennifer Moore. The two artists live four hours apart and made these pieces concomitantly. Motivated by a lack of finances and a need to reuse precious resources, this work is grounded in the present time of confusion and madness.

When all else fails, take something apart and put it back together.

Hollie Brown lives in Abilene, Texas. She received her MFA from the University of California, Riverside in 2017 and was recently featured in New American Paintings, Issue # 144. Her work is process based, openly influenced by materials and subjects that are readily available or arrive by chance. For this current window dressing series, Brown used paintings by famous men, such as David Hockney or George Flegel as a jumping off point, testing out the compositional integrity a student might find in the teachings of academia.

Jennifer Moore creates videos and sculptures that hover around themes of home and body. Her preferred materials are broken furniture and old electronics. She finds these items around Austin, Texas where she lives and works in Lockhart, Texas. She received a BFA from Texas State University in 2018 and will begin her MFA at Maharishi International University this Fall.

Organized in collaboration with the ICOSA Collective as part of their Window Dressing series.


Curated by Sam Cotter and Fraser McCallum, for Vtape.

“The works herein are characterized by broad sensitivities to land and place, formed by past and present migrations of living things, ideas and commodities. Informed by de-colonial and postcolonial theory, anti-imperialist struggles and critiques of urbanism, water is the medium through which ideas are made to flow, erode and surge forth.”

Chaparral Coffee
106 E Market St, Lockhart TX