Spellerberg Projects

Wren Wild Dance Performance

Event • Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Spellerberg Projects, Masur Gallery
119 W San Antonio St, Lockhart TX
Fri Oct 4, 7-10pm

Join us for a live drawing performance by Aerial Dance Fusion duo Wren Wild. They will perform a number of large tricks and poses for your artwork. Their set will be around 20 minutes long and they plan to execute certain tricks multiple times to allow artists to get full impressions of the poses. Participate in some art-making or just come and enjoy the performance and exhibits in the Masur Gallery, which will be open for viewing during and after the performance.

Misty Witten’s interest in dance didn’t blossom until high school. However, it wasn’t until after college when she started social dancing blues and salsa that her love of movement was reignited. Over the last ten years she has studied zouk, ballet, blues, swing, salsa, aerial arts (including lyra and pole dancing) as well as hip hop, belly dancing and Bollywood dance. Her passion is creating, unlocking, and evoking emotions in both herself and others through an improvisational fusion of dances. Her focus is on connection, fluidity, storytelling, and grace in a partner dance setting. She absolutely loves performing in live music venues where she can interact with not only the musicians but the audience as well.

Dylan Warren has been dancing swing and blues for over two decades. With a background spanning acroyoga, martial arts and partnered dance, Dylan is constantly studying how bodies move together. He has a love for all movement and has developed a fusion of styles through years of performance and partnership that focuses on movement, fluidity and connection. Dylan frames his partner so that they may shine, and he with them. When not dancing, Dylan is creating through photography, video, balloons and design.