Spellerberg Projects

Donovan Martinez, Moments of Clarity

Exhibition • January 13–February 4, 2023

Gallery hours
Saturday Jan 14, 11am-3pm
Saturday Jan 21, 11am-3pm
Saturday Jan 28, 11am-3pm
Friday, Feb 3, 6–9pm
Saturday Feb 4, 11am-3pm

Curated by Raul Rene Gonzalez

Artist’s Statement

As an artist, I am constantly seeking clarity and understanding within myself and the world around me. These moments can be fleeting, but they offer a glimpse into a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me.

In my work, I often use wood as a metaphor for the fleeting nature of time. Wood is a natural material constantly changing and shifting, representing the impermanence of our existence. By contrasting wood with cement and steel, I can create a sense of stability and permanence, even as the wood continues to change and decay.

Through my sculptures, I aim to capture the ephemeral nature of these moments of clarity and the sense of impermanence that comes with them. By depicting the interplay between the natural and artificial, I hope to create a visual metaphor for the ever-evolving process of self-discovery and growth.

About the Artist

I am an emerging Artist based in San Antonio, TX, born in 1998. I am a self-taught wood sculptor, and since 2016 I have been working with artists in their sculpture and fabrication studios. My work is expressed through multimedia abstract figurative sculptures using a variety of mediums such as wood, steel, and cement. I find using various raw materials helps to provide unique and unexpected challenges that help feed into a conceptual blueprint for my work.

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