Spellerberg Projects

Thompson & Wallace, Drag Nest

Exhibition • June 22, 2019–July 24, 2021

Spellerberg Projects, Masur Gallery
119 W San Antonio St, Lockhart TX
Open by appointment (Email)

Drag Nest, an installation by Samantha Thompson and Andrea Wallace, presents the audience with an introduction to the diverse landscape of contemporary drag in an intimate setting.

The artists transform a space in the Masur Gallery into a Drag Queen’s bedroom, with a 1970s aesthetics and traces of the previous era. On the walls is art that this imaginary queen has collected, created by the artists, including portraits of performers whom one can imagine as part of the Queen’s drag family.

The room feels like an intimate space one has stepped into, unsure if they should be there. The visitor observes the personal artifacts of a stranger who could walk in any moment and catch them in the act, but the allure of the environment will make them want to linger. The furniture, textiles, light fixtures, books and tchotchkes all reflect a garish yet attractive lifestyle full of beauty, passion, vice, lust and art and otherness.

The opening reception, which took place June 22 2019, was accompanied by a performance by Hentaii.