Spellerberg Projects

Pop Up, Lockhart Craft Group show

Exhibition • August 6–October 7, 2016

Central-Texas arts and crafts group show featuring tables by local artists, craftspersons and friends of the gallery.

Stephen Sellers is an artist, musician and activist currently living and working in Lockhart Texas. Stephen’s work is the manifestation of questions about process, permanence and the illusory nature of things. In 2014 he began working to create something that incorporated these three elements. His process is to sit quietly on these benches and strike these bells, seeking the real.

Janet Christian has been creating handbuilt pottery art since 2008. She works in her pottery studio outside of Lockhart, Texas, where she uses a large slab roller and two kilns to create her pieces. While most pottery is made by hand, the term “hand-built” refers to pottery that is not created on a wheel. Because of this, an infinite variety of shapes may be made.

Knut Graf is a German designer in Austin, crafting user experiences and objects. The “Kato” sculptures are an exploration into expressive posture through simple shapes. It strikes a chord in the context of Kawaii, the Japanese culture of cute things. The sculptures are precision 3d printed in Porcelain, and glazed in a traditional firing process. The SteelKitten variations are 3d printed in steel.

Liza Collins was born in London, UK, where she studied fine art and tapestry weaving, graduating from England’s Royal College of Art with a Master of Arts. Liza moved to Texas in 1998 and has made Lockhart her home for the past twelve years. She uses shapes and patterns drawn from the things she sees in the world around her, simplified, abstracted and transformed into her unique pictorial language.

Philip McBride, Janet Christian and Tam Francis are members of a Lockhart writers’ circle. These independently published novels represent the new face of publishing, bypassing traditional gatekeepers — agents and publishing houses. “Tangled Honor” is McBride’s 2nd book; “Double Trouble” is Christian’s 3rd book; “The Girl in Jitterbug Dress” is Francis’s 2nd book.