Spellerberg Projects

Sarah DePetris, Daydream

Exhibition • January 13–February 3, 2024

Gallery hours
Saturday, January 13, 11am-3pm
Saturday, January 20, 11am-3pm
Saturday, January 27, 11am-3pm
Friday, February 2, 6–9pm – Artist’s Reception
Saturday, February 3, 11am-3pm – Last Look

Artist’s Statement

I create multi-dimensional drawings of the almost and the not-yet-made. Emphasizing mark-making and process, I make paintings, installations, and sculptures inspired by piles of rubble and construction debris. My works re-imagine their often invisible subjects as icons and objects of potential. Paused between destruction and resurrection, they have a wholeness that cannot exist in a realized state. Blending the figurative with the abstract, my drawings contrast believable and impossible renderings of space and depth. Often visually or physically ephemeral, they visually break down, expand and rebuild their surfaces, subjects, and sites. By dissolving the boundary between the made and unmade, my works create accessible and tangible bridges between the real and imagined. Working with abstraction and obscuration, my drawings are depictions of simultaneously dissolving and reforming marks, colors, and spaces. They are invitations to navigate the unknown (and unknowable) as immersive spaces of possibility.

Curator’s Statement

Daydream is an exhibition of interdisciplinary drawings about the almost and not-yet made. It is a site-specific and multi-dimensional installation created for Spellerberg Projects. The exhibition combines vibrant sculptural forms and plaster casts with small, layered drawings on paper. Highlighting the reflections and distance created by the gallery’s encompassing windows, clearly visible three-dimensional elements are interspersed with soft two-dimensional works that embrace the intimacy of the space. Drawn in grayscale to emphasize breath and distance, the drawings on paper are obscured and almost invisible. Visually and physically ephemeral, the exhibition explores how to make the impossible more real. Daydream is an invitation to navigate the unknown and unknowable as immersive spaces of possibility.

About the Artist

Sarah DePetris is a Dallas-based artist whose practice integrates painting, installation, and sculpture. She makes multi-dimensional drawings that capture the energy and potential of the almost and the not-yet-made. Abstracting imagery of found piles of rubble and construction debris, her works are bridges between the real and imagined. DePetris presents her work nationally and is excited to be exhibiting with Spellerberg Projects in Lockhart, Texas. She has had numerous recent solo exhibitions, and was honored to receive a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant in support of her summer ’23 exhibition at Box 13 ArtSpace. DePetris recently created a large public art installation for Art Tooth’s ArtSouth Box at SOMA while participating in their studio residency at Muse in Fort Worths. DePetris received an MFA from the College of Visual Arts and Design (’23) and her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art (’09).  Her works are included in the permanent collections of Capital One and the University of Texas at Tyler.