Spellerberg Projects

Studio WAC, Tempor Magazine

Exhibition • October 6–December 2, 2017

Tempor is the latin root for time or occasion. anything in the past is a memory, and anything in the future is a dream. the word tempor relates to this moment, the present. Founded in 2017, Tempor is an independent travel magazine for adventure seekers in North America. The magaine features original film photography and essays on history, politics, and immigration — inviting readers to dive into a variety of fields and encouraging self-reflection and awareness about the environment.

This exhibition is part of a collaborative project between Houston-based creatives, Scott Cartwright and Jenny Lynn Weitz Amaré-Cartwright, of Studio WAC. Using the built environment as a point of departure, Studio WAC focuses on issues facing art, architecture, and design. Seasonal publications like Tempor, its photography collections, objects, and overall creative practice, aid in the dissemination of ideas and encourage dialogue about current topics.

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