Spellerberg Projects

Ursula Rogers, Resistance Is...

Exhibition • May 27–June 3, 2022

Reception Friday, June 3, 6–9pm.
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In her homecoming show, Resistance Is…, Ursula Rogers debuts her collection of protest photography taken around the world spanning the past six years. Born and raised in Lockhart, TX, Rogers has traveled extensively across the globe, documenting organized protests and other community events. The photographs featured in Resistance Is… are sampled from a larger collection of Rogers’ protest photography and offer a glimpse into cultures and social issues that are both close to home and abroad, representing the human impulse to gather and rally for human rights despite varying platforms or physical proximities.

In bringing these moments to Lockhart, Rogers reflects on the ways that her hometown has progressed since her childhood – in December, a Confederate Monument was removed after standing in front of Caldwell County Courthouse for 98 years, largely attributed to community efforts organizing BLM protests in the Summer of 2020 – and yet, how things are still very much the same. By exhibiting acts of solidarity in resistance to systematic oppression and other social issues, Resistance Is… reminds viewers of the power of the people.

Artist’s Statement

Resistance is… displays a collection of protest photography taken by Ursula Rogers in different regions of the world over recent years. The photographs portray “standard” forms of protest, while also urging viewers to consider the prior organization and the repercussions thereafter that take place beyond the event itself. The collective efforts photographed represent resiliency to systematic oppression, connecting participating individuals, including Rogers, to a stronger sense of self. Though separated by distance, humanity fights the powers that be in a similar manner. Though they want us gone, we are still here.

About the Artist

Ursula Rogers was born and raised in Lockhart, Texas. She received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and an MScE in Intelligence Studies and International Development from Aberystwyth University in Wales. A self-taught photographer, Rogers is fascinated by using mundane subjects to explore memory and storytelling.