Spellerberg Projects

Brandy Schuenemann

Brandy Schuenemann is a string artist from the vibrant artistic community of Lockhart, Texas.

“I love math. String art is a kaleidoscope of fractals, angles, straight lines, and tangled messes. It weaves between sculpture, paint, and architecture. Hammer, string, and nails allow me to create images with layers of depth and complexity using straight lines and geometry. I select my materials based on personality; they unravel the art piece as fuzzy or twisted, smooth or rebellious. Each fiber, anchor, and platform holds its own unique aesthetic qualities, strength, and tendency for unruliness or structure. String art provides me with a deep well of artistic creativity entangling my two favorite things, math and art. It’s the perfect balance of strategy and surprises; the bow that ties the left and right sides of my brain. It’s a mindfulness practice that intertwines my perfectionism and desire for chaos.”