Spellerberg Projects

Graham Douglass

Graham Douglass is a television producer and artist living in Lockhart, Texas.

“My love of ceramics is rooted in the earthly and organic origins of the material and the medium. There is nothing more “in touch” with the earth and its eons of existence than the mud that is the foundation on which everything is built. The playful messiness of the craft reminds me of and connects me to my inner child and the freedom and expansiveness we often feel as children — to express wildly and pursue curiosity. The consistency, repetition, and, even possibly, monotony of the spinning wheel inspires a space of meditative awareness and focus. And the fragility and vulnerability of the material, requires a presence from its artist that considers even the slightest movement of the hand and breath of the lungs. The material, the clay, holds the space. The artist must simply and humbly submit to the material and listen — and remain honest.”