Spellerberg Projects

Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore lives and works in Lockhart, Texas. Jennifer has shown her work at ICOSA(Austin, TX), Spellerberg Projects(Lockhart, TX), Collection RERT(Austin, TX), and Wege Center for the Arts(Fairfield, IA) and Space C7(San Antonio.) She received a BFA from Texas State University in 2018 and an MFA from Maharishi International University in 2024.

“The domestic images I’m attracted to contain evidence of extreme care and energy put into an environment. Care of the domestic space has historically been designated as women’s work and the labor and aesthetics of decorating a home undervalued. I relate to the inherent attention to detail in the arrangement of a shadowbox tableaux or the pyramid of lace-trimmed pillows atop a made bed and wonder if they are a method to cache feelings, an expression of personal history, or a compulsion to comfort and protect. Care and consideration manifest as ruffles. What do the objects we fill our homes with have to do with survival? Why do obsolete tools become decor? Each absurd idiosyncratic, aesthetic decision becomes a presentation of self-value. Though my sculptures are not explicitly household objects they reference textiles, furniture and frosted, edible surfaces, placing them in the domestic realm as possible tools, devices and nicknacks.”



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