Spellerberg Projects

Jennifer Moore, Sculpture and Video

Exhibition • May 25, 2019–June 12, 2021

Spellerberg Projects, Masur Gallery
119 W San Antonio St, Lockhart TX
Curated by Hollie Brown

Open by appointment (Email)

Jennifer Moore creates videos, sculptures and drawings that hover around themes of home and body. Her preferred materials are broken household items, fabric, bottles and old electronics. She finds these items lying around the city of San Marcos where she lives and works. She received a BFA in Studio Art from the Texas State University School of Art & Design in 2018. Describing her recent work, she says:

“Homes, bodies, buildings, beds and coffins are all containers we may find ourselves within. Focusing on the point where you and your container meet is grounding and soothing to the nervous system. People find their edges by seeking shelter in small spaces, crawling under blankets, allowing their bodies to be shaken by loud music, or focusing on their heartbeat. There are infinite ways to draw a line around oneself, to contain oneself and then connect it to the rest of the world. I play with this line by making my own variations of these physical and psychological borders. Projected video passes through translucent strips of fabric to create an ambiguous wall and broken image. Faux medical equipment and bottles encased in rubber have no apparent use though they obviously relate to the body. Individuals are chroma-keyed into strange still lives while describing their homes. Performers mirror each other’s tiny movements and run towards the camera’s frame. A jogging choir circles a track in a live action turntable. How many ways can we draw ourselves?”

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