Spellerberg Projects

Land of the Noble Free

Exhibition • September 6–November 7, 2020

Spellerberg Projects
103 S Main St, Lockhart TX

Curated by Mano Amiga and featuring works by:

Curator’s Statement:

Land of the Noble Free includes recent visual expression by artists in the region to whom Mano Amiga is threaded via shared care for greater justice, healing & liberation in our community. Day to day, the physical compilation within this windowed room –– situated directly across the street from a nasty, century-old tribute to white supremacy, planted proudly at the height of local Klan sway in 1923 –– has evolved constantly, defining movement.

Available up-close for just a fleeting two-hour opening (Sat, Nov 7: 9-11PM, for Lost River Film Fest) as society sways boozily on the precipice of a tested election –– a mortal affront to Democracy itself –– as monthslong suspended reality oozes onward, & political violence rises steeper still, we endeavor to lift our voice, muted by masks, where freedom was once rumored to ring.

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