Spellerberg Projects

Laurel Coyle

Laurel Coyle is a multi-disciplinary artist who has called Lockhart her home for the past eight years. She celebrates the richness of Lockhart embraces the growth of the special and unique community.

She picked up her first camera, a 110 instamatic, at age eight, and became fascinated by the possibilities of image making. She still has a box full of exposed film from her childhood that she is slowly processing. She continued photographing through middle and high school. Laurel has a history as a dressmaker and, at 24, purchased her first digital camera. Using an auto timer, she made self portraits while wearing the dresses she created and began to understand the inner workings of digital photography.

The images creates are not of a specific region but are anchored in experience, each image tied to a specific memory. Laurel believes that artistic expression begins with the heart and that art is the physical manifestation of our individual passion.