Spellerberg Projects

Video by Eric Acuña and Sam Foster

Event • Sunday, March 1, 2020

Spellerberg Projects, Masur Gallery
119 W San Antonio St, Lockhart TX
Screening Fri Jan 3, 7pm

Curated by Jennifer Moore

Eric Acuña is a San Antonio based artist and gallery preparator at Texas State University. His work explores diverse subjects through painting, videography, performance, archives, and objects. He is currently working towards a BFA in Expanded Media from Texas State University with a focus on experimental filmmaking.

He is the artist-in-residence at The Museum of Human Achievement, where his interest in bioacoustics embeds local environmental systems into musical and performance structures using new technologies to collect data from nature between Austin and San Antonio. Going beyond direct sonification, he develops a syntax based on the recorded natural processes, which may be audio documented from physical movements, water, and wind, etc. to create dialogue around collective actions, innovative musical creations, and ecological awareness.

Sam Foster grew up in Lawrence, KS and graduated with a BFA from Milwaukee institute of Art and Design in painting and studio art (2012). Sam works and lives in Austin, TX, and creates paintings and video art inspired by his life experiences. His paintings incorporate garish oils and collaged elements. Similarly his videos combine personal and found footage. About these works, he says:

“These videos are sourced from my relationships with different types of men, the ‘other’ or ‘downtrodden’ characters. My experiences working in the recovery community and losing my father at a young age to mental illness have inspired me to examine the myth of what it means to be ‘a good man.’ Peers and friends suffering or overcoming drug addiction and criminal behavior are documented and interviewed. My goal is not to exploit but to create a lens through experimental film to pose questions about growing and overcoming major life difficulties that exist within often unseen communities.”